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Corcovado National Park


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Working Environment

The Jaguar’s Jungle Lodge is located on the border of the Corcovado National Park outside of Drake Bay Costa Rica. We are the most remote jungle lodge in the country with over 130 acres of primary rainforest reserve and spectacular views of Cano Island. Our boat access only paradise is focused on hosting guests looking for the adventure of a lifetime exploring the wild jungle and ocean. Combining land conservation, modern-day luxuries and a captivating natural setting, the lodge offers a vacation experience unlike any other. Activities at The Jaguar’s Jungle offer guests the opportunity to create an ideal experience, whether they’re seeking the thrill of adventure, having a drink on the beach or quality time around the table enjoying gourmet, sustainably sourced cuisine. Our staff live together on-site full time; therefore, we value easy going attitudes and the ability to live together in harmony. The administration encourages creativity and adventurous spirits. Staff at The Jaguar’s Jungle enjoy the perks of living in a beautiful ocean front location, having 3-meals a day prepared for them, and the opportunity to interact with our fun and diverse demographic of guests.


We are currently looking for an experienced, highly motivated housekeeper with a good attitude and attention to detail.


The chef is looking for someone with a positive attitude, passion for the culinary arts, and a desire to practice and learn


We are currently looking for an experienced, highly motivated Hotel Manager


We are looking for high energy volunteers who are up for any challenge and comfortable with customer service positions such as waitressing