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Job Overview

This position is responsible for all aspects of food preparation up to and including final presentation for delivery to guests. Must be able to take direction and follow recipes. The intern will work in a supervised environment with our international gourmet chef. The chef is looking for someone with a positive attitude, passion for the culinary arts, and a desire to practice and learn.

Start date: December 18th

Salary: 240,000 colones monthly plus food and housing onsite

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Food preparation tasks as assigned by the Head Chef, including basic vegetable preparation, vinaigrettes and salads, stocks and other basic tasks, as well as meat fabrication, sauce making and other advanced techniques.

  • Will clean work area and kitchen during and at the end of shift

  • Assist with receiving deliveries to the kitchen

  • Assist with pastry and bread preparation



  • The intern is required to have completed at least one year of culinary school.

  • The internship will last approximately 4 months

  • Culinary Internships are available during the following time periods:

  • January 1st- April 30th

  • May 1st- August 31st

  • Interns must arrive within 2 weeks of the start date and depart no later than the end date.

  • The Culinary internship is a temporary position with an expected 48 hour per week.

  • Basic understanding of proper food handling procedures (blanching, sautéing, standard breading)

  • Basic knife skills

  • Basic kitchen operations experience

  • Must speak at least some Spanish 

To Apply, the first step is to email your resume and the answers to the questions below to Elizabeth & Leo at Please review our website and location before applying.


1. Tell me your story. How did you get from the start of your career to your last role?

2. What institution did you study at? What experience in the culinary arts do you have?

3. Do you speak Spanish?